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  • thermo赛默飞世尔马弗炉Lindberg/Blue M
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thermo赛默飞世尔马弗炉Lindberg/Blue M

  Performance and ConvenienceDesign techniques such as double shell construction and variable density insulation combine to enhance performance over conventional furnaces. Durable, high strength hardware and a variety of control systems offer both convenience and versatility over a range of sophistication.
  Safer To OperateExterior temperatures of many Lindberg/Blue M furnaces are proven 70% cooler than competitive brands. Reduced heat loss improves energy efficiency, and cooler exterior temperatures enhance operator safety.
  Increased Resiliency to Thermal ShockThe patented Moldatherm ceramic fiber insulation composite has rapid heat-up and cool-down properties which allow quick turn-around for more productive furnace use. Moldatherm high temperature fiber is vacuum formed around operating chambers to provide efficient radiant energy release, excellent uniformity, reduced operating costs and increased resiliency to thermal shock.
  Exceptional Energy ReleaseThe patented LGO heating element, (light gauge overbend) a standard component on many Lindberg/Blue M box and tube furnaces, delivers exceptional energy release, fast heat-up and recovery, reduced thermal process cycle time, and cost savings through quicker throughput and energy efficiency.
  Control SophisticationLindberg/Blue M furnaces are available with built-in (integral) or independent temperature controllers, depending on model selected. Control sophistication ranges from solid-state single setpoint to more versatile microprocessor-based systems with programming and communications options.
  Integral controllers, self-contained and mounted in the main control panel, save space and allow easy access with quick plug-in maintenance.
  Independent controllers can be positioned adjacent to or remote from the furnace, permitting furnaces to be used in fume hoods or containment areas, or installed in banks of multiple furnaces with control cabinets centrally located or grouped for easy monitoring and control.
  Furnaces can be positioned or oriented as required (i.e. horizontal or vertical), leaving available all installation and applications alternatives.
  Meet Safety and Performance Certification Standards
  UL, CUL, NFPA, NEC and CE.
  Specific certifications and listings are noted on individual product documentation.